Important for all Stage 6 NSW Science Teachers!


Important for all Stage 6 NSW Science Teachers! Your chance to provide meaningful feedback on the new Science Syllabuses


As part of STANSW's role in supporting the needs of our members, the STANSW Executive will be collecting feedback from members with regards to the new ST6 Science syllabuses, in order to develop and submit a written response on behalf of ALL STANSW members.


In order to ensure we accurately represent our members and submit an honest and balanced submission to BOSTES, we must collect relevant data from our members. Whilst we are aware that BOSTES is also requesting NSW Science teachers complete online surveys and/or attend consultation meetings, we would like to give all STANSW members another opportunity to have their say. The data collected here will also be reviewed by the BOSTES Curriculum Committee.


Please complete the Google forms below for each subject that is relevant to you. All responses will be anonymous and each survey will give you the chance to identify up to two things you like about the new syllabuses, two things you dislike, and some suggestions for improvement.


In order to effectively review the feedback you supply, please complete the surveys by Wednesday 17th August 2016.


Biology Syllabus


Chemistry Syllabus


Physics Syllabus


Investigating Science Syllabus


Earth and Environmental Science


Your time and effort in supporting this is greatly appreciated.

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