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For Attention of STANSW Members regarding the 'Mentors for Teachers' programme.


Dear Teachers,

A very important article was included in your issue of SEN#2. It is called ‘Mentors for Teachers  –  a Concept  Design’. STANSW members are urged to read the article, which has been attached to this message for your convenience, and to please return comments to since we hope to gather sufficient comments (for or against), ideas and suggestions from which to improve the plan and to gauge the supposed necessity to provide mentors for teachers of Science and/or Mathematics in schools. This appears to be a worthwhile plan from the limited response received so far, but members/readers are requested to add their own opinions.

Another issue of SEN willl be sent in October,  and another is due out near the end of November. We hope to be able to provide worthwhile feedback regarding this article at that time. Of course, those who are interested in submitting articles of their own are warmly encouraged to do so.


If you are interested in becoming a mentor please complete the STANSW Mentor Programme application form via the online link here

Likewise if you are an early career teacher, looking for support - please get in touch.


Best wishes,    

George Pinniger – Editor, Science Education News (SEN)




SEN Vol 63 No2 Mentor article


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