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Whole BOSTES NSW HSC Syllabus

All dot points. Every experiment. It’s all there!

HSC Study Lab is an online HSC preparation and revision tool for high school students in Years 11 and 12. HSC Study Lab support teachers and students with meaningful study resources based on the BOSTES NSW HSC syllabus and delivered by experienced, expert teachers.

As an exciting, engaging and convenient online learning platform, HSC Study Lab can be accessed anytime, anywhere. All the material has been created for you and is located in one place, saving you precious time.


Teachers are eligible for a free subscription for the school year, with great prices available for classroom and school subscriptions.

HSC Study Lab

• allows you to enhance your teaching by using videos, simulations, animations, and interactive activities to explain concepts
• supports and encourages the meaningful use of ICT in the classroom
• is 100% online and available 24/7


Reliable source
Writers and presenters are teachers with extensive marking experience.

Learning in HSC Study Lab is based around three main concepts: watching video lessons, playing games and simulations based on lesson content, and applying knowledge through answering hundreds of HSC style practice questions. All firsthand investigations are covered through detailed experiment videos or simulations. This multifaceted approach helps students understand key concepts and takes learning beyond the textbook.


Engage your students with HSC Study Lab and support them at all stages in the academic year.





HSC Study Lab offers the following courses

• Preliminary biology
• Preliminary chemistry
• Preliminary physics
• HSC biology
• HSC chemistry
• HSC physics


For more information, check out our website: hscstudylab.com.au/

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For school or class subscriptions, email us at info@hscstudylab.com.au

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