One of the highest honours Science Teachers Association NSW can bestow is to offer Life Membership as an acknowledgement and recognition of outstanding and distinctive contribution of educators to the field of science teaching

Since Science Teachers Association NSW inception more than 70 years ago, membership in and community connection to this organisation has grown and strengthened. In order to acknowledge outstanding leadership in and contribution to the sector, we offer the important designation of Life Member to esteemed members of our community whose contribution of leadership has had a significant impact on the sector and Australian society.

Life Members :-

R. Cull

M. Cullen

A. Davis (2012)

R. Dircks

R. Hollow (2020)

A. Hukins

N. Kelly

B. McKay (2018)

I. McKean

J. Pendlebury

J. Scott (2005)

M. Shepherd (2012)

R. Stanhope

M. Wood

M. Watts (2013)