Chemistry Conference 

K-12 Teachers Conference 
Green Chemistry / Green Science 
Online : Fortnight beginning Monday 14 September  
In partnership with Macquarie University  

Join us for our Green Chemistry Conference and discover new information and resources to support your chemistry students to investigating relationships between systems and system components with a focus on the Sustainable Development Goals proposed by the United Nations Development Programme that calls for a future focus on clean water and sanitation; affordable and clean energy; responsible consumption and production; life below water and climate action and consider the sustainability of food sources and the natural and human environments.

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Physics Conference  

K-12 Teachers Conference 
Modern Physics / Modern Sci-Tech and the Physical World 
Saturday 31 October  
University of Technology Sydney

In 1899 much of physics was pretty much settled. Classical physics was at its zenith. Then within the space of 10 years from 1900 to 1910 a scientific explosion took place that up-ended physics and our understanding of the universe.  It was the beginning of quantum physics, with new understandings of duality of waves and particles, Einstein's theory of relativity and the expansion of the universe - It was the rise of modern physics. Join us to examine ways we teach modern physics in a way that will elucidate these sometimes-difficult concepts.

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Biology, Earth & Environmental, Investigating Science  

K-12 Teachers Conference 
BEEINS 2020 – BeInspired  #BEEInspired  
Theme : Indigenous Science : Shaping Our Future By Learning From The Past 
Friday 27 & Saturday 28 November 
UNSW School of Biological Sciences  

Our annual BEEINS Conference explores the K-6 Science & Technology and 7-12  Biology, Earth and Environmental and Investigating Science Syllabus. We learn about life from the core of the earth to its upper atmosphere, exploring cells as the basis of life, genetics and infectious diseases, the planet on which we live, sustainability of our natural resources and what's required for scientific thinking to understand the environment and world around us. Join us and #BEEInspired 

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