STANSW welcomes the news that feedback from teachers, principals, and school sectors, has been heard, and the delivery timeline of the NSW Curriculum Reform is being extended. This means that teachers will have more time to prepare for new syllabuses, ensuring the best learning outcomes for NSW students. The new timeline will stagger the release of core subjects, giving teachers more time to implement them well.

We have been advocating for a more reasonable timeline since the government's response to the Masters review was released. Good change takes time, and STANSW has continued to emphasise that now is not the time for a new science syllabus. As an organisation, we are committed to working with teachers to ensure the best learning outcomes for our students across the state. We will continue to request detailed timelines for each stage of the science syllabus review.

We believe that this extension of the NSW Curriculum Reform timeline will give students the strongest foundations for success in their schooling. Read full media release HERE