Spotlight on the 7-10 Science Syllabus

Compare the Syllabuses: Insights and Thought-Starters to Prepare for Syllabus Changes from Robin Gordon, STANSW Councillor and Syllabus Working Group Convenor.

As we progress into Term 2, many of you will be considering the challenges of transitioning to the new Science 7-10 Syllabus. In the coming days, I recommend discussion time with colleagues to become familiar with the syllabus and support material. Just like in the last Syllabus Working Group session, you could identify and discuss the strengths and opportunities along with the challenges and risks associated with the new syllabus and its implementation.

Challenge your colleagues to look closely at the statements within the Focus Areas, even comparing them with relevant content in the current syllabus. Lined up side by side, the differences are clearly evident. Consider the increased breadth and depth of content as well as the knowledge and Working Scientifically skills that teachers will require. Here are some conversation starters:

  • When do students learn Maths skills such as algebra in Stage 4 and statistical analysis in Stage 5? These are required for Science content in Year 7 Forces and Year 10 Data Science 2.
  • Will students have the necessary prior learning in the transition phase (whatever your pattern of implementation)? How could you bridge any gaps?
  • What ideas for Depth Studies can you come up with, considering your school context, assessment and reporting schedules?
  • How do you navigate the NESA syllabus website to find all support materials?

Getting started can be overwhelming; however, it can also bring refreshed learning opportunities and collaborative experiences with your team.

Robin Gordon

STANSW Councillor and Syllabus Working Group Convenor

[email protected]