7 Decades In 7 Days

For our 70th Anniversary we celebrated 7 Decades in 7 Days during National Science Week.  A series of 7 amazing events took place using cutting edge technology in a virtual platform - https://7decades7days.vfairs.com 

Day One - Science In the House 

Day Two - Aboriginal Astronomy Lesson with Aunty Jo Selfe thanks to Tribal Warrior

Day Three -  Celebrating Strong Women in Science with the Garvan Institute 

Day Four - Provocative Talkfest with the Powerhouse Museum 

Day Five - Virtual Friday Night Drinks with the Australian Museum, Australia's Chief Scientist and Dr Karl 

Day Six - Family Fun Day with Taronga Zoo 

Day Seven - The Future of Energy with the Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum 


If you missed out you can catch up on the events in the Virtual Auditorium by registering and logging in to https://7decades7days.vfairs.com until September 22