STANSW 7-10 Conference: A Deep Dive into the New Syllabus

Registrations are now open!

Date: Monday 26 August 2024
Location: Taronga Zoo Education Centre

Join us at the 7-10 Conference as we take a deep dive into the new syllabus and focus areas including data science, depth studies and working scientifically. With workshops covering the key changes and content, this conference is designed to empower educators with insights, strategies and resources to optimise the implementation of the latest syllabus.

Registrations are now open for 2024.


Who is it for?

  • Secondary science teachers



A day of Professional Development with fellow secondary science teachers, deep dive discussions and workshops focused on the new syllabus lead by experienced educators. Walk away feeling more confident to take on the new 7-10 science syllabus, armed with resources and insights.

Chart your course: Review the new 7-10 syllabus content and work through the new focus areas with fellow science educators.
Embark on inquiry: Foster student curiosity & critical thinking through Working Scientifically skills.
Unleash data power: Discover hands-on data science activities.

Networking Opportunities: Network and chat with science teachers, academics, professionals, and peers from across NSW. Compare notes to master your teaching practice.



Conservation Breeding - Saving the Regent Honeyeater.
Presented by Dr Joy Tripovich, Behavioural Ecologist Conservation Breeding

This keynote by Dr Joy Tripovich details the complexity of an evidence driven, adaptive management approach to conservation breeding as a primary strategy of an integrated approach to species recovery. This presentation points out how conservation revolves around the fundamentals of the scientific method with questions leading to testable hypotheses.


Networking and icebreakers at the Habitat Classroom

BLOCK 1: 11am

Gamification: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.
Presented by Stella Ding, DET.

In today's rapidly evolving educational landscape, the integration of gamification holds immense potential to shape tomorrow's classrooms. Explore the transformative power of gamification in STEM education. This workshop delves into how gamified learning environments can engage and motivate students. Learn about the intersection of gamification and educational psychology and equip yourself with innovative tools to enhance your teaching.

Data Analysis and Real-World Connections.
Presented by Graeme Buckie, CSIRO.

Discover the power of using authentic datasets in science education. This session focuses on integrating CSIRO datasets into the classroom, providing strategies and examples for scaffolding students' scientific inquiries. Understand the importance and value of data in modern scientific research.

Building Stage 4 and 5 Depth Studies.
Presented by Luke Kelleher, Catherine McAuley.

Learn how to design high-quality research tasks for Years 7 and 8 that align with the new 7-10 Science syllabus. We'll share our experience with projects involving children's picture books and documentaries, offering insights into mapping and designing depth study tasks.

STANSW Working Group: Programming for the New Syllabus.
Presented by STANSW.

Collaborate with fellow science teachers to apply the STANSW programming template to produce cohesive learning sequences for the new 7-10 syllabus. This session will also explore how the flow of ideas and successful programming are facilitated in a well-managed and prepared team.

BLOCK 2: 12:15pm

Writing in High School Science: New Syllabus Requirements.
Presented by Dr. Helen Georgiou, UOW.

This workshop addresses the new writing requirements in the 7-10 Science syllabus. Learn about structuring scientific texts and integrating writing into Units of Work. The session draws on research funded by the Department of Education Strategic Fund, covering writing in English, History, and Science.

The Science of Data.
Presented by Min Fang & Aziz Azimi, DET.

Understand the role of data analysis in contemporary decision-making. This presentation covers scientific data collection, processing, and modeling, highlighting the journey from data interpretation to informed decisions. Address the challenges students face with information overload.

Integrating the Sciences with Gamified Biology and Student Inquiry.
Presented by Dr. Taylor Szyska, USyd.

Explore the integration of natural sciences through gamified biology and student inquiry using the Remediate! platform. Learn innovative methods to engage students and enhance their learning experience.

BLOCK 3: 2:30pm

Explicit Teaching in Science: An Explanation and Demonstration.
Presented by Pamela Baker.

Discover the high-impact, evidence-based practice of explicit teaching. Grounded in cognitive science, this strategy supports all students and requires no specialized tools. Learn how to implement explicit teaching to ensure student success and recognition.

Data to Discovery: Data Science in the Science Classroom.
Presented by Dr. Lauren McKnight, UNSW.

Dive into data science with the new syllabus. Learn how data science is transforming fields from biology to physics, and how students can engage in authentic scientific research from their laptops. This session covers the fundamentals of data science for Years 8 and 10.

Don't Participate in Science - Do Science! Letting Questions Lead Data Collection.
Presented by Ashley Mulcahy, Taronga Zoo.

Rediscover the curiosity-driven approach to science. This session emphasizes letting students' questions guide data collection, fostering a deeper understanding and engagement with scientific inquiry.

Radioisotopes in Medicine, Industry, and Environmental Monitoring in the New Stage 5 Syllabus.

Presented by Julie Mulholland and Dr. Bridget Murphy, ANSTO.

Learn about the inclusion of radioactivity and nuclear science in the Stage 5 syllabus. ANSTO will present case studies and relevant nuclear reactions, along with free online education resources to help teach these topics effectively.

Implementing the new syllabus with Stile
Presented by Stile Education (sponsored)

In this sponsored workshop session, Stile Education will cover the key themes and changes in the syllabus, what they mean for teachers of Years 7-10 science, and available support and resources to help you navigate and implement the updates.


Tour of the new Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Centre at Taronga Zoo

Join us for afternoon of networking in newly launched Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Centre, which opened in July 2024, followed by canapes at the Institue of Learning.

Canapes at the Institute of Science and Learning



Price includes GST/ per person Full Day

 Individual Member  $470  
 Secondary / K-12 School Member
 Pre-Service Member  $75
 Non-Member  $810  
 Canapés  $30  


Registration closes Friday 9 August. Payments must be received by the 23 August 2024.



STANSW 7-10 Conference 2024 is made possible thanks to our event sponsors

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