STANSW Physics Conference  
Theme : Modern Physics - Teaching for the Future 
Online : Across one week of after school PL (3:30 - 5:30 pm)
Monday 26 Oct - Friday 30 Oct 

In partnership with University of Technology Sydney 


In 1899 much of physics was pretty much settled. Classical physics was at its zenith. Then within the space of 10 years from 1900 to 1910 a scientific explosion took place that up-ended physics and our understanding of the universe.  It was the beginning of quantum physics, with new understandings of duality of waves and particles, Einstein's theory of relativity and the expansion of the universe - It was the rise of modern physics. 

The new syllabus has given us greater scope to teach many of the concepts that modern physics encompasses. No doubt this has been an exciting development but also a challenge for many teachers; the concepts of modern physics go against our common-sense instincts and require a high degree of critical understanding.  

The focus of the K-12 Physics Conference is to examine ways we teach modern physics in a way that will elucidate these sometimes-difficult concepts. The aim will be to equip teachers with the skills to teach the subject and allowing students to explore how physics has shaped our modern society, exploring how we teach Physics in a modern context and the applications of Physics in the current and future world.  

NB a separate K-6 Primary program stream will be offered with a focus on Physical World integrating Digital Technologies


What: Physics Conference 2020 
Where:  Online 
When:  October 26 - 30
Who : 7-12 Physics Teachers and K-6 Primary Teachers 

Registration Opening Soon  

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