Leading your team in 2022

Whether you are a new Head Teacher of Science or have been in your role for a number of years, the ability to connect with others around the changing nature of teaching and developments in education is important to making good decisions and to your own professional development as a leader. This network aims to allow Head Teachers to connect with other leaders in Science from across NSW, discussing the issues that them as face curriculum leaders and problem solving through ways to tackle them. It is an opportunity to build professional networks across school systems where expertise and knowledge is shared for the common goal of improving the quality of science education.

2022 ONLINE DATES (4:30 - 6:00pm):

  • Thursday 10 February
  • Thursday 2 June
  • Wednesday 3 August
  • Thursday 3 November

Free for members, $110* (includes gst) for non-members for four sessions throughout the year.

*Because this is a 2022 event, membership need to be renewed for 2022, to be free for members.


Day 1: Thursday 10 February - 4:30 - 6:00pm

Curriculum aside, a huge part of what faculty leaders do is to set the tone and direction for their teams. How they interact with and manage their teams has a huge influence on the success in meeting the goals that have been set.

In this session, aspects of different leadership styles and strategies for managing others will be investigated. We will examine ideas that challenge common wisdom around how to work with others and look at realistic approaches and behaviours that help to develop leadership potential.

Leaders will have the opportunity to discuss and collaborate on the issues that face them on the front line of team management, share experiences and strategies they use in their roles, and build networks with other leaders to continue to develop their leadership skills.