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(New Date) Wednesday 3rd August, 2022  Online: 4pm - 5:30pm


4pm Welcome and introductions - Jacqueline McCarthy


Session One - Dr Helen Georgiou, UOW

Dr Helen Georgiou will help us to think about misconceptions within our classroom environment. 

Tricky concepts in Science and Technology 

Teaching Science and Technology at the primary level is difficult; both because mastering the individual topics are challenging, but also because the material needs to be adjusted or adapted to different age groups. In this presentation, I will share, and invite others to share, some of the more common challenges for students (and teachers) in the S&T outcomes in the NSW K-6 Primary Syllabus. 

Sharing Opportunity:

Do you have a favourite assessment task that you use with your students? Are you willing to share with colleagues at our primary teacher's network? Please send your brief outline via the submission link if you would like to share something on the day. It would be great if everyone could share one task at our network meetings so we can then all walk away with lots of new ideas. Please include the Stage and the assessed outcome on your task. Please confirm your interest by filling in your brief overview via the following link:

Session Two - Sophie Poisel, Head, Lang Walker Family Academy  Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences

Co-designing to inspire the next generation of change makers 

Powerhouse Parramatta will be the new home of Science and Technology in greater Sydney. With this comes the exciting opportunity to design, pilot and implement new possibilities for education.

Powerhouse: Future Space, our inaugural program launched this year. An international collaboration which connects students from six high schools with students around the world and an experiment on the International Space Station. Students will gain hands-on experiences with new technologies, developing their communication skills, scientific thinking and design thinking, and engage with national and international space professionals. 

What might be possible in primary? 

We are passionate about fostering opportunities for teacher collaboration and leveraging our partnerships with industry to foster students’ engagement in STEM. I will pose possible future directions of programs in development and seek feedback and collaboration with teachers to develop and pilot these opportunities. I am excited to learn from you and to imagine and co-design future programs with you during this session. Please bring your wildest ideas for future-focused STEM to workshop together. 


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