7th December 2023

STANSW Plans ahead as New Science Syllabus Released by NESA 

The new Science 7–10 syllabus has been released by NESA. The new syllabuses will be implemented in NSW schools in 2026. The syllabuses are accessible on the NSW Curriculum website, accompanied by support materials that include teaching advice.

Over the past year, the Science Teachers Association of New South Wales (STANSW) has actively engaged with the curriculum reform, offering feedback to NESA.  As we move forward, our commitment turns towards supporting teachers during the crucial implementation stage. 

STANSW's Role in Supporting Teachers in the new reform 
STANSW is dedicated to empowering NSW teachers through change. To facilitate a smooth transition, we are focusing on initiatives in 2024 and 2025 that will help school prepare for the new syllabus. We are establishing a STANSW 7-10 Syllabus Working Group, which will focus on identifying the practical needs of teachers on the ground during the implementation phase. 

Additionally, our 7-10 Conference scheduled for August 2024, will be themed Engaging with the New Syllabus. This conference will focus on content and skills of the new syllabus.  

Join Us in Shaping the Future: 
For those interested in actively shaping the implementation of the new syllabus, we invite you to join the STANSW 7-10 Syllabus Working Group. For inquiries and expressions of interest, please contact: [email protected]

As the educational landscape evolves, STANSW remains steadfast in providing support to our valued teachers. Together, we will navigate these changes and continue to inspire a passion for science among our students. 

Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities as we collaboratively navigate this period of change.