Joining STANSW network contributes to ongoing professional development, helping members stay updated on the latest trends and best practices in science education. This network is free for all STANSW Members. 

The STANSW Head Network (HTN) is designed to support you in guiding your team in 2024. 
Given the ever-changing landscape of teaching and education, it is crucial for Head Teachers to establish professional networks and consistently engage with fellow science leaders across NSW for continuous professional growth. 

As a complimentary benefit of STANSW membership, you can freely join our network. This platform facilitates collaboration among Head Teachers from NSW school systems, encouraging discussions on the challenges faced as curriculum leaders. It serves as a collective space to leverage knowledge and experience, enabling the exploration of solutions and achieving the shared goal of excellence in science education. 

In our network, members have access to a variety of resources, including professional development opportunities, workshops, and events. Through collaborative online meetings, we foster an inclusive environment that provides a platform for active listening, sharing, and learning among head teachers and respected science professionals. 

Who this is for:  HTN network is open to educators at all levels, creating an inclusive environment where both new and experienced head teachers can learn and contribute. 
What will I get out of it? Access valuable support, resources, and knowledge, along with motivation, professional growth, skill development, and connections, all designed to enhance your leadership and thrive in your science education career.  
Format: Online via Zoom 
Dates: 15th Feb, 29th May, 28th August, 6th November 2024  
How to join: Once you have renewed your STA membership for the year, you will receive a welcome email and Zoom invitations for the networks. If you are a member and would like join the next meeting please email [email protected]
Cost: No charge for members

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