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Assoc. Prof Rachel Wilson Keynote Speaker

Theme A: The Teaching Profession

Associate Professor- Research Methodology, Educational Assessment & Evaluation. Centre for Educational Measurement & Assessment - University of Sydney

Dr Nathan Berger Keynote Speaker

Theme B: Engaging students

Senior Lecturer in Education, Centre for Educational Research - Western Sydney University, Australia

Prof. Catherine Attard Keynote Speaker

Theme B: Engaging students

Professor of Mathematics Education, Deputy Director, Centre for Educational Research and President at Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia

Dr Erin Mackenzie Keynote Speaker

Theme B: Engaging students

Director of Academic Program, Postgraduate Specialist Programs, Specialist Postgraduate Studies, Senior Lecturer - Secondary Science, STEM, Secondary Education

Geoff Masters Keynote Speaker

Theme C: Assessment and Data

Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Board - Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)

Dr Bonnie McBain Keynote Speaker

Theme D: Thinking Scientifically

Senior Lecturer - School of Environmental and Life Sciences (Geography and Environmental Studies) University of Newcastle

Assoc. Prof Rachel Wilson

Dr Nathan Berger

Professor Catherine Attard

Dr Erin Mackenzie

Geoff Masters

Dr Bonnie McBain