Membership Fees and Benefits


We are upgrading our IT Platform, this includes everything related to membership. We are are very excited about this transition, which we hope to launch within the next fortnight. During this tranistion period if you have any membership questions or need to change either individual or school membership details please email  


Membership for 2020 Calendar Year


Categories and Rates:

All rates include 10% GST. ABN: 44 677 048 086

SEN Subscription (SO) $85   STANSW Science Education News e-Journal subscription: available for personal subscriptions and to serial libraries. This is not a membership grade.


Retiree Membership (SO) $62  receive the STANSW Science Education News e-Journal: retired individual members with voting rights.

Individual Membership (IM) $152 Individual Membership is the premium member grade for practicising Primary and High School Teachers. Individual Members enjoy their own copies of all state and national publications,  as well as VIP benefits such as special giveaways promotions, ASTA programs, networking opportunities and greater discounts at events than any other member grade. NB Member benefits do not extend to discounted advertising.  Please refer to the corporate membership type for commercial benefits.

Lab Technician Membership (LT) $82  is an individual membership for Lab Technicians and is non-transferable.

Student Membership (SM) $72  is for full and part-time students/  pre-service teachers, studying either a Diploma/ Bachelor of Education/Teaching and not having previously taught in a school.  This membership is recommended to science education students in their final year of study, looking to connect with mentoring and support services as they prepare to become a science teacher. You must be pre-service to qualify for this membership grade and hold a current student ID;  provided at the time of application. Please send us an email if you are interested in a free trial student membership for 2018.

Joint Membership (JM) $202  
is  an individual membership for you and your partner.  Joint Members must have same residential address,   and only receive one lot of publications.

Primary School Associate (PSA) $172  is for Primary Schools (K-6) all staff listed under the school membership can attend STANSW event at the member discount.

NB: K-12 Schools may choose to opt for SFA (if on the one campus), with the Preparatory/ Junior School choosing to have PSA separate to the Senior School.  Up to (10) SFA member grade staff can be included in the membership. Does not include individual member grades.

Secondary Faculty Associate (SFA) $452  is for Secondary Schools 7-12 and only valid for one campus. All staff listed under the school membership can attend STANSW events at the member discount. Up to (10) SFA member grade staff can be included in the membership. Does not include individual member grades. 

Corporate Membership (CM) $515   Corporate Members receive generous discounts for advertising in STANSW publications and as trade displayers at STANSW events. Corporate members include; DEC education/environmental centres, universities,  local councils,  museums, government organisations,  publishers,  lab equipment suppliers,  small businesses and commercial vendors.



STANSW is a not-for-profit professional association for NSW teachers of science at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. STANSW is committed to providing state-wide, high quality and current professional information and development on key issues, ideas and methodologies in science education. STANSW promotes science education as a profession at a state level and, through its membership of the Australian Science Teachers’ Association, also at a national level.

For further details about Membership please see section 5 of the STANSW Constitution regarding membership rights and entitlements via the following link here


STANSW provides quality accredited professional learning events

STANSW is an endorsed provider at the level of professional competence with NESA.
• Membership benefits include professional journals – use these for your count towards non-accredited professional reading


STANSW provides you with a voice

•  Be heard by contacting local branch members or by attending branch meetings regularly
•  Be heard at State level by contacting STANSW
councilors or by becoming one yourself,
•  Be heard at National level through your STANSW representatives on the council of the Australian Science Teachers’ Association (ASTA).

 STANSW has access to State level agencies across all sectors


•  The State Government on matters relating to Science education.
•  The Professional Teachers Council of NSW - another way to access relevant State Government ministries
•  State-based media contacts publicise our views on science education.

•  Key Stake Holders in Science Education in NSW, including:

  • The Department of Education and Training,
  • The Catholic Education Commission,
  • The Association of Independent Schools,
  • The Universities,
  • NESA


Membership Benefits Represent Value for Money - A premium individual membership costs $152.00 (incl 10% GST)  per calendar year.


Membership benefits include: (if joining before Feb 28 of that membership year)


1.  Four (4) e-copies of Science Education News – the professional journal of STANSW (digital)
2.  Four (4)  editions of Science Matters – the official newsletter of STANSW (print)
3.  Four (4) editions of Teaching Science – the professional journal of ASTAif joined by 31 Jan (rrp $100 p/a)
4.  e-copy of National Science Week Resource Booklet
5.  Discounted costs on all STANSW professional learning events
6.  Access to the
members only section of the STANSW website with a range of resources
7.  Access to the STANSW Moodle, for access to previous copies of SEN Journal
8.  Access to free resources where and when developed by STANSW and its associates

9.  Promotions and events offered to members only

STANSW is your voice at the national level through the Australian Science Teachers’ Association (ASTA)

•  ASTA represents science teacher interests to the Australian Government,
•  ASTA is involved in the development of national, profession-developed Professional Standards for Highly Accomplished   Teachers of Science,
•  ASTA is providing feedback on the developing National Science Curriculum,
•  ASTA is lobbying for adequate Science Support Staff,
•  ASTA is lobbying for ongoing access to comprehensive professional learning opportunities for all teachers of Science.


For further enquiries, email us or call  02) 9763 2751

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